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16 Mar, 2022
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Vita Comfort UK

The Vita Comfort Group, one of Europe’s leading flexible foam solutions providers, has developed the next generation of sustainable foams to ensure that a wider variety of high-performance and environmentally friendly furniture solutions are available. The Vita Comfort’s UK division manufactures polyurethane foam for bedding, upholstery and medical markets at their foaming plant in Middleton, Greater Manchester, which also consists of; three conversion sites, two bedding facilities and two non-polyurethane sites.

The brand has a long history of exploring innovative, sustainable products and solutions. In the 1970s, they introduced round block foam to reduce waste. Then in 2000 they became the first in Europe to manufacture flexible foams using sustainably sourced polyols.
Vita collaborates with their customers within Furniture and Bedding sectors on design and manufacturing of components ensuring maximum comfort, durability, and utilisation of the material. As part of the brand’s ESG agenda, they are focusing on innovation and how to reduce their impact on the environment as well as developing a wide sustainable product range. By 2030 they are committed to producing a sustainable option in each of their product ranges. In their current production process, they recycle all of their excess trim from across each of their 40 sites, which is then used in several of their products, including the Cloud 9 underlay. Not only have they developed foams from more sustainable raw materials, but they have also been innovative with their suppliers and customers to drive circularity and reduce their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.


Today, Vita has a collection of sustainable PU foam ranges including Origin™, foam made with plant-based polyols which reduce the environmental impact of its composition. Origin™ is the result of advanced foam engineering and is produced using renewable polyols from plants such as sunflowers, soy, and castor oil (15 – 20% parts per volume). Vita Origin’s open-call viscoelastic polyurethane foam has been developed specifically for the Furniture and Bedding industries as it responds to body heat and pressure points, maintaining the right balance between comfort and support. Using these bio polyols allows the brand to move away from traditional petrol chemical feedstock.  Plus, Origin™ foam is available in grades across Combustion Modified grades.

The Vita Group provides advanced tailored solutions for their customers enabling them to respond to fluctuating market trends and consumer demand. Vita is at the forefront of antimicrobial protection with their experience in the medical and healthcare markets having further enhanced their understanding of this area. This knowledge and experience allows Vita to support their customers with antimicrobial furniture and bedding solutions. Continual investments in Vita’s infrastructure and services allows their customers to utilise the brand’s extensive network of sites across Europe. Vita has four state-of-the-art Innovation Centres, the one in Middleton combines Vita’s technical expertise in foam chemistry with the latest testing equipment and systems. The facility allows customers to follow a complete development programme, from initial concept and data analysis to finished foam core.

Employees at Vita

Ian Robb, CEO at The Vita Group, said: “We have a great understanding of the upholstery and furniture industry, built up over many decades as a leader in this field. Our expertise in comfort, durability, haptic quality, and sustainability, means customers can rest assured that our solutions align with their needs. What’s more, continued investment in our products, infrastructure and services allows us to continue to offer the furniture industry high levels of support now and in the future.”

Foam creation

The Vita Group pride themselves on their innovation and move towards more sustainable practises, here are just a few reasons to discover their products:
    • They use ethically sourced polyols
    • OriginTM delivers consistent Quality, Durability and Hardness retaining shape for long-lasting comfort
    • Highly resistant, improved tensile strength for better handling
    • SAFE Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’S) & odour

The brand aims to reduce the amount of waste they create, transition to more sustainable raw materials and be innovate with their customers to lower the impact on the environment. One of their key values is behaving with integrity, making the right choices and not just the easy ones.

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