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How PR Can Help You Overcome Challenging Times

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but for the next few weeks, business and retail in particular may be uncertain, with COVID-19 continuing to dominate the headlines. Press Loft has come up with a few ways to help you navigate through these rocky times by focusing your marketing activities on the most profitable areas.

1. Waiting for public spaces to re-open means that your customers are still spending large amounts of time at home. This means that they are also now looking for ways to:
  • Update their home offices
  • Home-school children
  • Refresh their homes and furniture
  • Revamp their gardens
  • Undertake DIY and projects in their spare time and at weekends

You can make the most of this unusual time by doing a variety of marketing/PR campaigns to help your customers with their home projects:
  • Send customer newsletters
  • Write blog posts on your website
  • Set up PPC campaigns on related keywords
  • Post on social media
  • Press Releases- these are top searches on Press Loft right now.

2. If you have a retail store which you are preparing to re-open, start sharing the precautions and regulations you are going to follow, to reassure customers that it will be safe for them to visit.

3. For online stores, discuss the processes you have put in place to ensure safety. For example, are you disinfecting surfaces regularly and how are you making sure that your staff are healthy and fit to work? These can also be shared on social media.

4. Have you been helping the community, the elderly or disadvantaged in any way that might be relevant or good to discuss? As people become fatigued with the pandemic good news stories will really resonate. Not only is it vital for community support, it is a great way to make customers and potential customers feel connected to you.

5. Stock levels – customers might be worried that items won’t be delivered, or are out of stock, so make it clear to them on the site that all items are in stock. You could add a pop-up on your website to address these concerns.

6. If you aren’t already - start doing instagram stories and videos showing the face(s) behind your company. Now, more than ever, people want to connect with others, and those personal relationships are vital in reassuring and connecting with your customers.

7. Every customer matters at times like this. So when customers come to your website, you want to maximise your conversion rates. Think about abandoned basket emails, email notification options, discounts and free postage.

8. With retail re-opening on the horizon, ask your loyal customers to support you by buying vouchers, or letting you know what products they will want to see so you can get ready.

9. Striking the balance between positivity: ‘we can’t wait to see you soon’ and reality: ‘it’s tough and we understand’, is important. Be authentic, sensitive and open and you will find your company’s voice in this hard situation.

10. While people are spending more time at home, they are also spending more time on social media like Facebook and Instagram. There is a boom in Facebook and Instagram Lives – you could either show your customers the processes you are putting in place, or some products that you know they will love once you re-open. This can help build your audience, and generate some excitement, while also entertaining you customers during lockdown.


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