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Has a Global Pandemic Made Life and Consumer Purchasing More Simple?

The covid-19 pandemic has forced us, as a nation, to stop and to think about what is really important to us. What matters? What changes do we want to take with us when we come out of lockdown? And what is essential, and what is a luxury?

A Slower Pace

While for many, the last 12 months have been tough, we have also seen people, appreciating, and perhaps understanding, a slower and simpler pace of life more than ever. The daily walks, families coming together to learn dances, a nation of school children and parents all working out to YouTube videos at the same time, and time spent clearing out wardrobes and random drawers, and thinking about refreshing the living room.

When we all collectively start moving back out into the world again, maybe we will do so with a new appreciation of living a simpler lifestyle. Consumers will stop and think about purchases, visit independent shops and think carefully about each item that they bring back into their freshly cleared-out and decorated homes.



What this Means for Retailers…

With this in mind, there are some questions that you can ask yourself as a retailer:

Does this product add value for a consumer?

Does it solve a problem they might have faced during lockdown? 

Is this product a game-changer, that they can use for years to come, rather than just a year or so? 


If you’ve been able to make some positive environmental changes over recent years, now is the time to shout about how adaptable and sustainable you are as a business. Let your customers know on your website, in-store, and through your social channels how you’re trying to make an impact, perhaps you have removed the plastic from your packaging, switched to green energy, or reduced waste? Customers are all looking more and more for these credentials, and this will only be amplified once we move back out into the world.


This article has been adapted from a piece originally written by Emma Vincent, for our sister Show Top Drawer. If you’re interested in reading more about slow and simple living, you can head over to our journal or Instagram




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