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04 May, 2022
Furniture Features: Mobus Fabrics
After a successful first show, Mobus Fabrics are breathing new life in to how manufactur...
28 Apr, 2022
Press Release 28th April 2022
It was wonderful to see our loyal brands and buyers back at The NEC.
20 Apr, 2022
Furniture Features: Silentnight
Meet one of our sponsors Silentnight UK.
11 Apr, 2022
Furniture Features: Hydeline presents At The Helm
Be sure to visit Hydeline's 2 stands at JFS to browse their top furniture range!
07 Apr, 2022
Furniture Features: Ultimate Home Living
Enjoy the luxurious feel of Ultimate's beautifully sumptuous rugs.
29 Mar, 2022
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Discover this seasons upcoming trends!

With the January Furniture Show just around the corner, now is a great time for buyers and retailers to start thinking about the new collections they want to offer their customers. There is no better place to start than with our first look at Press Loft’s curated collection of furniture and design trends, which consists of; Beautiful Bedrooms, Contemporary Chinoiserie, Curvature, Iced Coffee, Paneling, Wholesome Living and Zen Spaces.
These trends all reflect the changes our homes have been through due to the pandemic and how those spaces transformed during various lockdowns. With us all being forced to stay at home and seek comfort, these trends highlight the best parts of those lockdown memories. From sumptuous curved sofas to relaxing tranquil spaces, these trends offer a sense of peace along with subtle prints and calming colour tones.

Beautiful Bedrooms
Bedrooms have easily become our sanctuary over the past few years and the brands at the January Furniture Show know how to make them even more relaxing with opulent mattresses and expertly crafted bedframes. Baker Furniture’s simple but elegant bedframe and headboards add an understated glamourous touch to a bedroom. While Forte’s neutral wooden fixtures bring the outdoors in, creating natural calmness.

Baker furniture bed                                                          Forte
Baker Furniture                                                                                           Forte

Contemporary Chinoiserie
The simplicity of this trend is inspired by European living with an East Asian artistic twist. The frequently featured exposed wood and artistic prints as featured on Tetrad’s armchair pay homage to the easy pure aesthetics of this trend. The light colour scheme of the fabrics used in the trend adds to the sophistication of the simple furniture design, making everyday living easy and functional.

Tetrad chair 

A common theme the past few years has been the need to be cosy and what better way to find comfort than with a lavish curved sofa. The curves of LPD Furniture’s armchairs and ALF’s living room furniture adds that sense of comfort after a busy day by allowing you to relax and cocoon in comfort. Along with a statement sofa, you can add curvature to your spaces with curved-inspired interior accessories and lighting.

LPD Chair                                ALF Foot stools
LPD Furniture                                                               ALF
Iced Coffee
Be inspired by the tones of the Mediterranean with Press Loft’s Iced Coffee trend that draws on a tonal brown colour scheme sure to energise your summer collection. Introduce terracotta coloured rugs, like those of Think Rugs, to help ground your space or add a uniquely designed sideboard from Kelston House to update your space. By cleverly introducing new furniture pieces and interior accessories you can instantly update a room whilst introducing a new colour scheme helping pump new life in to your customer’s interiors.

Think Rugs                                 Kelston house sideboard 
Think Rugs                                                                     Kelston House

The ease of adding paneling to a room has made them an instant hit on Instagram for DIY interior creators. Whether it is slat paneling or traditionally moulded panels, they can easily upgrade the elegance of a room like Julian Bowen has done, adding a traditional English manner house feel backdrop to their furniture.

Julian Bowen 
Julian Bowen

Wholesome Living
With the pressures that comes from having a busy life, we are all looking to protect and nurture our mental well-being. Home comforts have become an important part of our lives by decluttering and simplifying our living spaces. Interior accessories can add instant comfort to a space, like Gallery Direct’s decadent cushions which not only help update an interior but also offer support and relaxation.  

Gallery Direct 
Gallery Direct

Zen Spaces
Having spent so much time at home over the last few years due to the pandemic, we have all being trying to create calming spaces where we can breathe and relax. Take inspiration from Hanlin’s fur covered armchair which offers space to slow down for a moment and refocus. Along with the simpleness of the Lyra Group’s soft furnishings providing comfort at the end of a busy day.

Hanlin armchair                                     Lyra Group Sofa 
Hanlin                                                                     Lyra Group

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