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10 Trends for 2021: Social Media Masterclass

The one constant in social media is change, so here are 10 top trends for 2021 to help you stay up-to-date, while engaging your customers and driving as many sales as possible through your social media channels.

Social Media

1. Active Listening

It’s never been more important to monitor users mentioning your brand, competitors, products and more. Be obsessed with listening to your audience, and create content to answer what they are saying.

2. Using Stories and Stickers

Be interactive with everything from donation stickers, countdowns, quizzes, pills, GIFs, music and supporting small business. Keep your audience engaged to combat passive scrolling.

3. TikTok and Instagram Reels

There’s a myth that it’s just for kids, but it’s easy to teach the algorithm what you like, and you can get inspiration from those relevant posts. This is a fun way to creat videos and share with your followers

4. Game-Inspired Content

Interact with your followers in a new way. Could you combine social media with your in-store or physical customer experience?

5. Longform Videos on IGTV 

People want to consumer more high-quality content. IGTV is a different algorithm to the rest of Instagram, and you may find that you get more views than you have followers as you’re accessing a new audience.

6. Going Live

There has been a 70% increase in live streaming during lockdown. It’s a great way to collaborate with new people and reach each other's audiences as wellMake sure to have a purpose and structure, and be authentic. 

7. The Power of Facebook Groups

Becoming a part of a community has never been more important. Groups are buzzing with people in the same industry and with the same interests as you and your brand.

8. AR Filters

Have some fun and gain engagement and brand awareness. Ensure that any filters you use are coherent with your brand personality.

9. Make Your Audience Your Content

Authentic content is so important, and you can’t get more important than using real people.

10. The Resurgence of Pinterest

Pinterest users spiked during lockdown, as it’s a great visual channel to get inspiration on everything from food to furniture. Pinterest users are very engaged with product searching, with 75% open to new products on Pinterest compared to 55% on other social media platforms.


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