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Company Overview

Sofahouse is a leading distributor of sofas in Ireland & UK. At JFS 2019 we are launching a number of brand new leather & fabric motion sofas, a growing range of modular sofas, all in addition to our existing collection, all in stock for immediate delivery.

Sofahouse Imports Ltd was founded in 2002 and specialise in the wholesale of sofas, rugs and carpet in Ireland and the UK.

At Sofahouse, stock availability is the cornerstone of the business's success with over 250,000 sq ft in warehousing in the Uk and Ireland including a brand new premises in the West Midlands where all current models in their various combinations are held in stock ensuring that our product is available for delivery as soon as it is ordered. 

At Sofahouse, we have an unshakeable belief in reinvesting in product development and have recently entered into a joint venture with a manufacturing partner in Asia. We now possess the ability the bring new designs to the European market at speeds that were unthinkable just a couple of years ago. One of the most apparent trends emerging in recent times is the consumer's unquenchable thirst for choice. To accommodate this, product development has shifted increasingly toward modular sofas allowing consumers to configure uniquely personalised sofas suited to individual spaces. The ability to offer such choice has been identified as one of the most important factors going forward.

We offer a full customer support package and, as we operate our own transport fleet, we can guarantee delivery within a 7-14 day period. We deliver on our promises and you can rely on us at Sofahouse to back-up our customers 100% all year round